Back Soon…

Its been six weeks since my last post and readers might be wondering what’s happened to me? Well I’ve been busy working on a value investment project of a different kind – renovating a 110-year-old Edwardian terrace.

I’ve still been working 5 days per week at my day job, so work on the house has taken place after work and on weekends. Work is almost finished an we should be moving in soon, which means that I can get back to writing posts.

Please keep checking my blog as I have lots of new and interesting topics to share. The next part of my discussion on why most investors fail to beat the market will be out soon. It will answer the questions: Could our behaviour, and the behaviour of other investors like us, be part of the problem? If so, what can we do about it?

I’m also working on a book review of The Incredible Shrinking Alpha – and what You can do to Escape its Clutches by Larry Swedroe and Andrew Berkin.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Plaster   Jack

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